ThemeFacultyFocus Areas
Biomedical Engineering & Medical InformaticsEye Tracking, Healthcare, Physiological Signals, Biomedical Signal Processing
Computer Graphics & AR/VRGeometry processing, ML in graphics, Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), Volume visualization
Computer Networks & CommunicationsCommunication networks, IoT, Mobile computing, Mobile systems and middleware, Wireless network, Distributed computing, Mobile Computing, Pervasive computing, Sensing, Software-defined networking, Programmable data planes, Network function virtualization
Computer Vision & Multimedia ComputationVisual Recognition, 3D Vision, Learning with Limited Supervision, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Information Forensics & Security, Visual Surveillance, Visual Tracking, Steganalysis, Multimodal deep learning, Event detection, Multimedia systems, Hyper-spectral Imaging, Medical Imaging
Cybersecurity & PrivacyAdaptive security, Biometric security, Blockchain, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Cyber security, IoT security, Network Security, Privacy, Protocols, Privacy, Anonymity, Security and privacy in online social media, Theory and practice of cryptography, Traffic analysis, Usable security
Data Management & Data ScienceBig data analytics, Complex network, Data-driven security, Data engineering, Data mining, Data privacy and security, Data science, Knowledge graphs, Natural language processing, Semantic Web, Social media analysis, Social networks, Entity Discovery and Analytics, Blockchain Data Management, AI for Data, Cognitive Information Systems, AI-driven scalable data systems, In-memory database
Hardware, Robotics & ElectronicsHuman Robot Interaction, Social Robotics, Hardware Security, Design of novel interconnect architectures for multi-core chips, Heterogeneous System Architectures
HCI & Human Centered ComputingHCI4D, Public Health, Education
Machine Learning & AIPattern classification, Low-rank matrix completion, Collaborative Filtering, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Scalable Machine Learning, Automated Machine Learning, Neural Architecture Search, EdgeAI, Human-Centered AI, Ethics
Signal ProcessingSpeech and Image processing or coding, sparsity aware signal processing, voice biometrics, atypical speech processing, audio categorization, Joint Image Processing
Software Engineering & ProgrammingParallel programming models, Runtime systems, Code search and comprehension, Domain specific languages, Parallel programming, Concurrent Data Structures, Learned Data Structures, Ptrogram analysis and verification, Program optimization. Cloud computing, Deterministic execution, Memory safety, OS design, System Security, Virtual Machines
Theoretical Computer ScienceAlgorithm design and analysis, Algorithm engineering, Combinatorial optimization, Complexity theory, Discrete and computational geometry, Graph theory, Online algorithms, Quantum computing, Parameterized Algorithms