Research Projects

For Financial Year 2019-2020

Sl No Title of the ProjectName of the PIFunding AgenciesTotal Sanction Amount Rs.
1Price optimization demand planning and out of stock prediction using deep learningDr. Debarka Sengupta NextOrbit Platform Solution Pvt Ltd.9,60,000.00
2Collusion and Fake News: Are social networks being orchestrated in favour of fake news?Dr. Tanmoy ChakrabortySPARC, MHRD53,61,492.00
3Swarnajayanti FellowshipDr. Mayank VatsaDST86,94,920.00
4POWER: Platform for Open WLAN Experimentation and Research.Dr. Mukulika MaitySERB/IIT Mandi13,10,100.00
5Design of a Quantum based Random Number Generator (QRNG) and its detailed analysisDr. Debjyoti BeraDRDO9,60,000.00

For Financial Year 2018-2019

Sl No Title of the ProjectName of the PIFunding AgenciesTotal Sanction Amount Rs.
1A Mobile based training platform for Aasha WorkersDr. Pushpendra SinghMilinda Gates Foundation             65,27,000.00
2An In-depth Analysis of Abuses in social Media – Integrating cues from  language behaviour & networksDr. Tanmoy ChakrabortyDST             25,04,000.00
3Automated Deepening of Financial Asset Relationships through Online  Data SourcesDr. Tanmoy ChakrabortyEgregore Information Services Private Limited               3,43,000.00
4Applying Deep Learning Techniques in Information NetworksDr. Tanmoy ChakrabortyHike Pvt Ltd               3,25,000.00
5Understnding Collective Behaviour in Online Social NetworksDr. Tamnmoy ChakrabortySERB             22,56,520.00
6International Development & Collaboration with Jini Info Co. Ltd. for Marketing ResearchDr. Donghoon ChangJini Info Co. Ltd.               1,58,798.00
7International Collaboration with Norma Inc. for Marketing ResearchDr. Donghoon ChangNorma Inc.                 95,439.00
8International Development of India-Korea ICT SME’s AssignmentDr. DonghoonNexustech               1,58,602.00
9Collusion Dynamics in Online Groups – Integrating Cues
from Language, Behavior and Networks (Google AI/ML Research Award)
Dr. Tanmoy ChakrabortyGoogle             14,09,800.00
10Microservices and container approach in Control Systems: Challenges In SecurityDr. ArunABB Global Industries and Services Pvt Ltd.               14,92,000.00
11Detection and Recommendation of Events based on Analysis of Cataract Surgery VideosDr. Rajiv Ratna ShahHumonics Global                  8,64,000.00
12Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices Capacity building in the field of Higher Education Dr. Pushpendra SinghEuropean Comission /ERASMUS            1,20,00,000.00
13Smart Visual SurveillanceDr. A.V.SubramanyamSERB               24,79,290.00
14Harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Multimodal Information for Health & Social VirtueDr. Rajiv Ratna ShahSERB               25,55,020.00

For Financial Year 2017-2018

S.No Title of the Project Name of the PI Funding Agencies Total Sanction Amount Rs.
1 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Debarka Sengupta DST-Inspire 13,32,260.00
2 Inspire Faculty Award Dr. Bijoy Chand Chatterjee DST-Inspire 19,00,000.00
3 Analyzing and Measuring the Collateral Damage of an Entity of the Internet Dr. P.K. DRDO 34,01,200.00
4 An effective Multi-Task Learning Approach for context – Sensitive Speech Analysis Dr. Arun Balaji Buduru DRDO-CARS 9,78,000.00
5 Development of USB Protocol, UAF Protocol, Fingerprint & Secure USB Dr. Donghoon Chang Irisys Co. Ltd. 15,60,780.00
6 Ramanujan Fellowship Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty SERB 38,00,000.00
7 NIHR Global Health Research Group on Psychosis Outcomes: The Warwick – India- Canada (WIC) Network Dr. Pushpendra Singh NIHR 43,20,000.00