Research Areas

Computer Graphics and Geometry

Focus Areas: Geometry processing, ML in graphics, Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), Volume visualization

Faculty Associated: Ojaswa Sharma

Image Analysis, Biometrics and Computer Vision

Focus Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics and Forensics, Computer vision, Image processing, Machine learning, Multimedia, Pattern classification

Faculty Associated: A V Subramanyam, Rajiv Ratn Shah, Koteswar Rao Jerripothula, Saket Anand

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Focus Areas: Applications in sustainability and healthcare, Communication networks, Human sensing, HCI, ICT4D, IoT, Mobile computing, Mobile systems and middleware, Pervasive computing, Technologies for developing regions, Transportation, Ubiquitous computing, Wearable computing, Wireless network,

Faculty Associated: Mukulika Maity, Pushpendra Singh,

Software Engineering & Programming Languages

Focus Areas: Code search and comprehension, Domain specific languages, Parallel programming, Program analysis and verification, Program optimization

Faculty Associated : Piyus Kedia, Rahul Purandare, Vivek Kumar, V.Raghava Mutharaju

Information Security and Privacy

Focus Areas: Adaptive security, Anonymity, Biometric security, Blockchain, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Cyber security, IoT security, Network security, Privacy, Protocols, Privacy and security in online social media, Theory and practice of cryptography, Traffic analysis, Usable security

Faculty Associated : Arun Balaji Buduru, Donghoon Chang, Sambuddho Chakravarty, Subhabrata Samajder

Information Management and Data Analytics

Focus Areas : Big data analytics, Complex network, Data-driven security, Data engineering, Data mining, Data privacy and security, Data science, Knowledge graphs, Natural language processing, Semantic Web, Social media analysis, Social networks, Entity Discovery and Analytics, Blockchain Data Management, AI for Data, Cognitive Information Systems, AI driven scalable data systems

Faculty Associated : Arun Balaji Buduru, Mukesh Mohania, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (PK), Md. Shad Akhtar, Tanmoy Chakraborty, Vikram Goyal, V.Raghava Mutharaju

Theoretical Computer Science

Focus Area : Algorithms, Algorithm engineering, Combinatorial optimization, Computational biology, Complexity theory, Discrete and computational geometry, Graph theory, Online algorithms, Quantum computation

Faculty Associated : Debajyoti Bera, Rajiv Raman, Syamantak Das

Scalable Systems

Focus Area: Distributed computing, Parallel programming models, Runtime systems

Faculty Associated : Vivek Kumar

Operating Systems

Focus Area:Cloud computing, Deterministic execution, Memory safety, OS design, System Security, Virtual Machines

Faculty Associated : Piyus Kedia

Robotics and Affective Computing

Focus Area: Eye Tracking, Healthcare, Human Robot Interaction, Physiological Signals, Social Robotics

Faculty Associated : Jainendra Shukla