Events & Seminars

Year 2018-2019

18th March 2019: Head, shoulder, knees and toes … and eyes by Dr. Eakta Jain, Assistant Professor, University of Florida, USA

15th March 2019: Contextual Policy Enforcement Across Web Applications by Dr. Abhishek Bichhawat, Postdoc, CMU, USA

12th Feb 2019: Programming System Challenges for Extreme Heterogeneity Platforms by Professor Vivek Sarkar, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

15th Jan 2019: Auto-generating Accelerators from Parallel Programs by Apala Guha, University Research Associate, Simon Fraser University, Canada.

29th Nov 2018: High Performance and Scalable Data Stack for graph Data Management and Analytics using Modern Storage Devices by Pradeep Kumar (PhD student), George Washington University, USA.

23rd Nov 2018: Truthful Peer Grading with Limited Effort from Teaching Staff by Swaprava (Assistant Professor, Department of CSE), IIT Kanpur, India.

26th Oct 2018: Shredder: Breaking exploits through API Specialization by Ms. Shachee Mishra (PhD student), Stony Brook University in New York, USA.