Events & Seminars

Year 2019-2020

30th April: Retail Graph – Walmart’s Product Knowledge Graph by Karthik Deivasigamani, Distinguished Engineer, WalmartLabs

22nd Jan 2020: Knowledge-infused AI for Healthcare: Role of Conceptual Medical Knowledge in Improving Machine Understanding by Manas Gaur, PhD Student, University of South Carolina 

22nd Jan 2020: Security Leaks and Defenses in Smart Wearables by Dr. Diksha Shukla, University of Wyoming, USA

16th Jan 2020: Inference on Tables as Semi-structured data by Vivek, PhD Student,  School of Computing, University of Utah

30th Dec 2019: Efficient Artificial Intelligent Models and their Applications to Healthcare Informatics by Dr Domènec Puig, Professor, URV, Spain

20th Dec 2019: Emerging Cyber Security Threats by Dr. Sanjay Goel, Professor, UAlbany

5th Dec 2019: PhD Dissertation Defense of Monika Gupta

27th Nov 2019: Comparative Analysis of Adult Video Streaming Services: Characteristics and Workload by Dr. Aniket Mahanti, Univ. of Aukland, NZ.

6th Nov 2019: Efficient Sketching Algorithm for Sparse Binary Data by Dr. Rameshwar Pratap, Assistant Prof. IIT Mandi

16th October 2019:  PhD Dissertation Defense of Megha Gaur

10th October 2019: PhD Dissertation Defense of Milan Jain

16th September 2019: Enhancing Users’ Privacy: Static Resolution of the Dynamic Properties of Android by Dr. Abhishek Tiwari, University of Potsdam, Germany.

02nd September 2019:Mining and Enriching Multilingual Scientific Text Collections by Dr. Horacio Saggion, UPF,  Spain.

9th August 2019: Towards An Automated Semantically Rich Framework for Big Data Compliance by Dr. Karuna Pande Joshi, Assistant Professor, UMBC 

3rd August 2019: ∂P: A Differentiable Programming System to Bridge Machine Learning and Scientific Computing by Dr. Viral B Shah.

23rd July 2019: Multi-Modal Stance Learning  — A New Approach to Study Community Polarization and the Spread of Fake News on Social Media by Mr. Sumeet kumar, CMU.

12th July 2019: MTech Thesis defense by Prabhat Kumar.

10th July 2019: MTech Thesis defense by Arpan Mukherjee.

31st May 2019: Improved Tours and Paths for the Traveling Salesman: Classical Tools and Recent Advances by Dr. Anke van Zuylen, Associate Professor, College of William & Mary, Virginia, USA

30th May 2019: Fairness: An Important Frontier for Data Science by Dr. Deepak Padmanabhan, Faculty Member, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom.

23rd May 2019: Spatial and spatio-temporal data analytics and their applications in urban cities by Dr Long Chen, Assistant Professor, NTU, Singapore

30th April 2019: SpecSense: Towards Low-Cost Distributed Radio Frequency Spectrum Patrolling by Arani Bhattacharya, PhD candidate, Stony brook, USA

25th April 2019: PhD Dissertation defense of Srishti Gupta

24th April 2019: PhD Dissertation Defense of Anuj Shanker Saxena

22nd April 2019: PhD Dissertation Defense of Dheryta Jaisinghani

16th April 2019:Mixed Reality Neurosurgery Simulator by Dr. Ashish Suri, Professor and Head Neurosurgery, AIIMS

2nd April 2019: PhD Dissertation Defense of Alvika Gautam