Blockchain-enabled DESy Skill Chain for De-centralized Education System


Blockchain technology has gained massive attention in recent years with significant expectations that it could transform every industry for its promise of providing a single “source of truths” for participants in a business network. This talk will focus on initial ideas on developing a de-centralized the education system, called DESy Skillchain, using Blockchain technology. We will firstly discuss both public and permissioned blockchain, and then how permissioned blockchain technology can be leveraged in building a DESy System for maximizing the strengths of each participating institute, and further providing the value-added services to all peers/partners in the network.

Prof. Mukesh Mohania IIITD

Short Bio:
Mukesh Mohania is a Professor at IIIT Delhi. He has 20+ years of experience in IT Architect and Innovation, and has held senior technical and business leadership roles in IBM’s Research and Development labs in India, and Australia. His innovations center on Information (structured and unstructured data) integration, master data management, AI for database and entity analytics, big data analytics, autonomic computing, blockchain data management, and developing complex systems and applications in these areas. Over the course of his career he has led a succession of successful projects that produced technology and products in use across the industry today, as well as influential and frequently cited technical work and patents. He holds 60+ granted patents and published 100+ technical papers in International Conferences and has widely participated in Industry forums. For these accomplishments, IBM recognized him as an “IBM Distinguished Engineer” (2013), “Master Inventor” (2010), “Member of IBM Academy of Technology” (2011), “Best of IBM” (2013), and he has received several IBM corporate and research level awards, such as, “Excellence in People Management”, “Outstanding Innovation Award”, “Technical Accomplishment Award (for client business impact)”, “Leadership By Doing”, and many more. He has held several visible positions, like ACM Distinguished Scientist (2011-), VLDB Conference Organizing Chair (2016), ACM India Vice-President (2015-17), ACM Distinguished Service Award Committee chair (2017-2018), Adjunct Professors/Industrial R&D board at various top universities in India and Australia, and many more, and has received IEEE Meritorious Service Award and ACM Outstanding Service Award.

Date:June 18, 2020
Time: 4:00 PM IST